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"Established in 1883, Texas-bred Lucchese uses time-honored craftsmanship techniques to build handmade boots of unrivaled quality, fit, comfort and style. In virtually every step of our bootmaking process, we rely on human hands to complete centuries-old tasks to perfection.

We use both brass and Lemonwood pegs to attach our the outsole to the rest of the boot, depending on the style. Pegging offers many advantages to our bootmaking process. Not only does pegging maintain the integrity of the hand-lasted instep's fit, it gives us the ability to re-sole the boot when the soles wear out to give your boots extra life. Lemonwood pegging has an especially rich history and is full of advantages.

Lemonwood pegs are more malleable than metal, as they expand and contract with moisture at almost an identical rate as leather. Each peg is carefully hammered into small holes cut into the leather of the outsole and painted over during finishing. This old-world bootmaking method is extremely effective and preserves the boot's integrity even when exposed to water.

Lucchese artisans expertly guide the needle through the leather by hand, creating the beautiful stitch patterns — from vibrant to classic — that serve as just one mark of the extreme craftsmanship Lucchese cowboy boots are known for."

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