Five-pocket trousers in Woo.Look quality: Style Cooper C


Woo.Look stands for an authentic wool look. The easy-to-care-for quality of the five-pocket trousers in the Cooper Fancy style is recommended due to their soft grip. Above all, the interplay of Woo.Look and the modern design determine the high-quality look of these pants. The men's trousers are presented in a neat cotton mix and in a regular fit with straight legs. Perfect appearance with a roughened surface and soft hand feel. It also impresses with its elegant two-tone structure and muted colors. Fashion for everyone who values ​​a well-groomed outfit.



  • Men's pants
  • Five-pocket trousers
  • Five pocket pockets
  • Two patch back pockets
  • Additional coin pocket
  • High quality zipper
  • Regular fit
  • Straight leg



  • Woo.Look
  • Innovative mix of materials
  • Cotton: skin-friendly, breathable, hard-wearing
  • Viscose: soft handle, smooth drape, luminosity
  • Polyester: dimensionally stable, hard-wearing, easy to care for
  • Elastane: highly elastic fiber, ensures more freedom of movement
  • Skin and wear-friendly properties
  • High wearing comfort
  • Easy care
  • Soft grip
  • Durable
  • Washable


Brax - Five-Pocket Pants



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