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Q by Flynt

"The Flynt brand started with a few simple notions – that luxury should be affordable, and that men were looking for a degree of personal expression in their attire that wasn’t found in today’s two extremes, which were designed for either the trend-focused, denim-oriented “street” culture or for the more traditional-oriented business suit “corporate” culture. We also knew that today’s consumer simply didn’t have a good time shopping, and so we set out to build a brand and shopping experience that made creating a beautiful wardrobe actually enjoyable…and within reach.

Our founder happened to be smitten with the vintage looks of the 1920’s – 40’s, a time when men dressed with a certain sophistication and elegance. Quite simply, he liked to have a good time and look good doing it. Following his passions, “Flynt” was born. Flynt is a fresh, modern take on the iconic classics of this special era of glamour. It is low-key luxury, inspired by the movies, music, and good times.

The Flynt product is multi-functional, offering hybrid coats, soft coats in washed cottons, washed wools, and many other fabrications that can be worn with casual bottoms or jeans, appropriate for the work place or casual weekend attire. Ultimately, when a customer puts on a Flynt coat and looks in the mirror, he sees a high quality, sophisticated garment that fits at an affordable price point. Flynt offers great value with price points ranging from $295.00 – $595.00.

Q defines a fit within the Flynt Collection. The future of soft coats! Sportswear with the integrity of Tailored Clothing."

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