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"w.kleinberg is a design house for buckles, belts, and handbags that has been manufacturing luxury accessories since 1984. Since w.kleinberg's inception, we have developed a strong expertise in exotic leathers and have established ourselves as the finest producer of alligator belts in America. We pride ourselves on quality; designing each piece to not only meet, but exceed industry standards.

When larger companies outsource the manufacturing of their products, they put distance between the creation of the product and the customer. This causes a disconnect between what the client wants and what is created. At w.kleinberg, we keep it local and small-batch to ensure every piece is exactly what the customer wants.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our factory and boutique are located in the heart of the Westside District. We take pride in designing, manufacturing and shipping our products all from one facility. Shop our men's belts and our women's belts today!"

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